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Hollywood Branded creates pop culture-driven branded partnerships and endorsement campaigns.  We’ve worked with BlackBerry, Bumble, LG, Pilot Pen and Ralph Lauren – and hundreds of brands of all sizes. Founded in 2007 by Stacy Jones in Los Angeles, our team has activated well over 10,000+ on-screen exposures across streaming, TV, film, music, and social influencers.

The partnerships we build help make storytelling more meaningful, impactful and authentic. We are driven by our core belief of creating mutually beneficial partnerships that result in wins for the brand, the production and the consumer. 

Our agency's motto is: Learn. Do. Teach.  Through our blog we help others learn how to do, or at least better understand, our craft.  We share insights on the trends in pop culture, and how brands are leveraging it to drive sales and awareness. From the newest marketing trends to the hottest celebrities to work with, our team's daily blog articles will help up your pop culture branded partnerships marketing game. We make it easy to keep up with the ever evolving industry, and share what's hot right now, and in the near future.