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Brain Time Options

Or do you need insight on how to have brands WANT to work with your production or event?

Not quite ready to bring on board a full-time agency, but need a  strategy session and sounding board with someone who has been there/done that hundreds of times? 

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This is an idea-packed one-hour telephone consulting session with Hollywood Branded founder Stacy Jones that gets to the heart of your potential marketing mistakes, and how to avoid them.  You will receive best marketing strategies for the highest return on your money and time, and what will actually move sales of your brand.  All backed by Stacy's twenty years of branded content marketing experience.

Additional options include a day-long on site strategy session to sit with you and your team members and dig in deep, creating an action plan for next steps.  Travel fees not included.

Or a 12 month consulting program with monthly calls and weekly touch-base emails to provide you guidance and ensure you are staying on track and making progress on your marketing initiatives. 

Brain Time Options

Typical issues that bring Brand Marketers to a Rent My Brain strategy session include:

checkmark.png Best ways to launch and market a new brand.

checkmark.png How to improve marketing and press outreach for results. 

checkmark.pngHow much money to earmark for social influencer programs.

checkmark.png How to evaluate fee-based PR and branding opportunities with TV, digital or print.

checkmark.pngWhat needs to be included in a celebrity endorsement plan.

checkmark.pngHow to best leverage a movie partnership with brand marketing.

checkmark.png When to consider product placement, and how to safeguard your brand.

checkmark.pngBest ways to start an inbound content marketing program.

checkmark.pngHow to set up a blog for your company, what to write about – and how to get your internal people on board to blog.

checkmark.pngTime-saving solutions and tools for current social media, marketing or brand strategy concerns.

checkmark.pngGet your social platform more (engaged) followers and fans.

checkmark.png What is press worthy about your business.

checkmark.pngWhy you are not getting press attention on new product launches.

checkmark.pngWays to save money by digging into current marketing strategies that are not delivering results.


Reasons Productions Sign Up For A Rent My Brain strategy session include:

checkmark.png Best ways to source brand partners for your feature film, television production, digital property or event.

checkmark.png What will make brands want to partner with you.

checkmark.png How to create pricing levels for brands.

checkmark.png Insider tips and tricks to find funding opportunities.

checkmark.png Easy add-on ideas that provide content for brands to leverage for themselves, and help you better market your production!  

checkmark.png How to get press interested in covering you.

checkmark.png Bringing on brand partners for wrap parties, screenings or premieres.


Brain Time Options
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