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Learn How To Create Better Partnerships Between Brands + Content Producers


This is the most comprehensive course available about how to partner brands with productions through product placement, brand integrations and strategic promotional partnerships.


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What You Will Learn:
  • How product placement and brand integration works
  • Why productions want to work with brands
  • The best – and most affordable ways – to create branded content marketing strategies
  • How to avoid marketing mistakes and know where the pitfalls may be
  • Identify new marketing channels for your brand (or production!), and what success should look like
  • Identify the components of a well-defined product placement marketing strategy and how it can be turned into a 360 degree marketing campaign benefiting both the brand and production partner.
  • What budgets are needed to create an effective campaign
  • And oh so much more!
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Plus Bonus Pack

  • - Access our tailored product placement and brand integration marketing quizzes and exercises
  • - Earn branded content digital badges that can be used to recognize your achievement, from passing the product placement and brand integration marketing class to completing a training course.
  • - Enjoy the one-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • - New classes added monthly!.