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Influencer Marketing & Brand Partnerships Report


Hollywood Branded conducted interviews with  over 650 influencer participants, resulting in an in-depth report for brands and their agencies, along with direct feedback from influencers, on how to improve brand campaigns.


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official influencer marketing survey book

Get the full ninety-two page Influencer Marketing Survey Report.

In this report, brands and agency marketers will receive first person influencer feedback on how to make brand influencer partnerships work.

This report is chock full of statistics, graphs, analytics, insights and over 300 bite sized direct influencer suggestions for brands to make campaigns run better.

What You Will Learn:
  • How Much Brands Should Plan To Pay
  • Typical Engagement Rates
  • The Best & Worst Ways To Communicate- How To Ensure Brand Goals Are Met
  • What Brands Need To Consider Beyond Influencer Follower Reach
  • Ways To Encourage An Influencer To Work With Your Brand 


To view all survey findings and learn more about how these influencers believe successful partnerships can be most effectively achieved...



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300+ Easy Actionable Tips Included By Influencers To Make Brand Campaigns More Successful