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Determine Influencer Budget Needs

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We created this calculator to help you determine the general costs to working with social influencers. Simply enter how many influencers you want to work with, how much content you want them to create, if you want photos or videos, how many people you want to reach, what platform you want them to post on, and the type of influencer you want to work with!

The calculator will then do all the work to help you determine the budget you need to plan for!  Simply sign up below and you can access our calculator for free.


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Influencer Costs
* This is a guide to costs. All influencers charge different rates which will be driven by what they are asked to do for your brand

What You Need To Know About Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy That Works


Grabbing audience attention can be hard to achieve without a well planned strategy.  Today, in our overly cluttered marketing landscape, traditional marketing just doesn't have the same impact as it used to.  Influencer marketing is an alternative option for brands targeting either brands or other businesses, that can enhance any marketing campaigns you implement, as well as help you better engage your targeted core consumer.

So What Is Influencer Marketing?

Social Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing in which the focus is placed on key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It is built around a single person who has a significant following online and who (supposedly) directly influences those followers.  An influencer could have a couple of thousand of followers, 

Millennials are a generation that want the next cool and up and coming thing and they like the instant satisfaction of posting online. Social media IS their world, and they are constantly on their phones connected to that world. And as a brand, you want to be in that world too.

Influencer marketing is not an overnight sales driver.  Instead, influencer marketing helps build your brand's awareness through becoming part of the conversations that your targeted consumer is participating in - and viewing.  A successful influencer program utilizes multiple influencers versus one, building upon and creating numerous conversations that strengthen familiarity and awareness of your brand.

Do Brands Need To Know Their Budget Before Approaching An Influencer?

The answer is yes! Failing to know realistic budgets will not allow you to choose the right type of influencers, nor allow you the ability to build the program out to its' full potential.  Influencers are getting more and more business savvy and are less likely to do brand partnerships for trade, or even for revenue generated from their posts.  Having a budget range will also allow you to know the size of the fan base you can go after, as well as help you determine how many influencers your budget will allow you to work with.  

Remember this tweetable:

"As a brand, if you are 100% set on one influencer, and not open to anyone else, you no longer are in control of the conversation. - Stacy Jones, CEO Hollywood Branded " 

How Much Do Brands Need To Budget For Influencer Marketing?

how much do you charge per post

Budgets for influencers are based upon the overall fan reach, the engagement and actually what the influencer creates for your brand.  A photo will cost less than a video, and multiple posts will cost more than a single post.  Pricing is typically based around a cost per thousand model (CPM) that takes in all of these factors.  Brands need to understand that the more you invest in influencer marketing, the higher the return.  Studies have shown that brands receive an average of $6.50 in revenue for every $1.00 spent.




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