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The Most Asked Question Of Our Agency - How Much To Budget For Product Placement

The one question our agency can count on to hear at least once a day from a brand inquiry is... so how much does it cost?!?

And quite frankly, that's a hard question to give an instant answer to. It's not like there is a schedule out there even similar to a network's media rate card that defines cost A, B or C. And there are so many variables that have to be considered that it makes each brand's inquiry completely unique.

And there is no way to compare apples to oranges as far as content partnerships go - because each is unique in its content creator team, distributor limitations, cast allowances and of course, storyline. But we are willing to give it a shot!



The Cost Of Doing Entertainment Marketing

In this e-book, Hollywood Branded shares some generalizations on product placement costs - from single one offs to comprehensive agency retainer programs.

how much to budget for product placement


Regardless of who you are, what company you work for, or typically even how big your company is, there is a program outlined for you that offers solutions targeted to your goals! Access the eBook to learn more.